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Oguz Kaya

I am post-doctoral researcher in the HiePACS team at Inria Bordeaux, France. My research addresses combinatorial and computational problems arising in (multi)linear algebra, machine learning, and scientific computing.

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About Me

I'm a post-doctoral researcher in the HiePACS team at INRIA Bordeaux, France. My main area of research is combinatorial scientific computing (CSC). I am interested in problems with combinatorial and HPC aspect arising in (multi)linear algebra, scientific computing, and machine learning. I focus on developing fast algorithms, modeling/analyzing their complexity, and providing very efficient (parallel) implementations to run on modern HPC architectures for key computational methods in these areas. Specifically, in my thesis I concentrate on high performance parallel tensor computations. I consider myself to be a computer scientist as well as a software engineer.

Before arriving at Inria Bordeaux, I got my MS and PhD degrees from Georgia Tech and ENS Lyon, respectively, and had the chance to do two awesome internships as a software engineer in cuSPARSE team of NVIDIA in Santa Clara, CA, and Philantropy team of Palantir in Palo Alto, CA.

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